Mango – Taste with Health

Mango the healthy tasty fruit
Mango – The king of health

It is a myth that Mango only tastes good and increases weight. It is a fruit of tropical region which is tasty, juicy and has health benefits people do not care about because of the taste. The mission of this post is to spread awareness about the benefits of Mango to health.

  1. Anti- Cancerous – The anti-oxidants in Mango are a protective sheath against common cancers types like colon, breast, blood and prostate. The chemicals present in this anti-oxidant contains enzymes which fight off the abnormal growth of cells which is the reason behind cancer.
  2. Great for digestion – The alkalis present in mango neutralise the acid in our stomach. This is extremely beneficial for people suffering from acidity issues.
  3. Lowers cholesterol – Mango has high levels of fibre, vitamin c and pectin which helps lower down the cholesterol levels. This makes it healthy fruit for the heart too.

Ripe mangoes are also mentioned in Ayurveda the sister of Yoga way of life. It is said to balance all the three body types known as Doshas.


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