Papaya the Wonderful Fruit

Papaya fruit

The papaya fruit is perennial i.e. it grows all round the year and hence you can include it in daily diet. Rich orange color with yellow hues makes it look beautiful too. They are excellent source of antioxidant vitamins A and C. These vitamins have many health benefits. One among the many is that it prevents the oxidation of cholesterol. Only when oxidized does cholesterol becomes unhealthy and causes blockages in the heart. Eat a piece daily for long life and healthy heart.

Papain a digestive enzyme is abundantly found in Papaya. This I am telling from personal experience. If you eat just one part of the fruit daily you will forget all digestive issues. I had chronic digestive problems after contracting Jaundice 5 years ago. I tried almost all medication with no avail. Ultimately eating papaya daily helped me get rid of it and also strengthened my digestive system. I can now digest normally and am grateful to have discovered this wonderful fruit. I make it a point to eat it daily. It has even cured my knee inflammation problems too. There are many other health benefits.

However pregnant women should not eat the fruit.It can lead to termination ofpregnancy.The latex found in Papaya causes contraction of the uterus. This can lead to abortion.



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